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By, Ankitha Vinod ( 03/06/2018 )

Ankitha With Friends at Picnic

Ankitha Vinod  With Friends at Picnic 2017

The Mahima Family Picnic is a fun day that everyone looks forward to at the end of June. The fun starts at 10 in the morning, and usually takes place at Hempstead Lake Park. As families slowly start to arrive, we munch on a breakfast of idli, vada, and watermelon. As more people start to show up, the kids go to the playground while adults set up the grills to make burgers. At the playground, we go on the swings and chat for a while. Then, when everyone arrives, we start forming teams for badminton, cricket, baseball, kickball, and basketball. For a couple of hours, everyone is caught up in these intense games. We run and kick and hit the ball like our life depends on it. While the teens play, the adults chat and start preparing the food. After screaming and sweating so much, and smelling the delicious food start to cook, we take a break for water. During this time, the kids have many contests, like the Candy Picking and Memory Contest. Candy Picking is when candy is spread out on a picnic blanket, and in a certain time frame, the kids need to try to get as many as they can. Whoever picks the most is the winner. The Memory Contest is when multiple objects are laid out and then covered with a picnic blanket. The kids need to write down all the objects, and whoever writes down the most wins. They also participate in the more conventional races, like the three-legged race, 50-meter dash, and 100-meter dash. Meanwhile, the teens wander around the park and go to the nearby lake. The lake is a great spot for taking pictures. After snapping a couple of photos, we walk back to our picnic area to eat. The adults have made so many options for us: chicken burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, salad, more idli and samosas, and even more watermelon. We sit down on the picnic benches, and start eating, while talking with our friends and taking sips of soda between each bite. After we scrape our plates clean, the ice cream truck comes around, and we all run after it. Once everyone gets their ice cream, we walk around the park, go on the swings, talk amongst ourselves, and bask in the heat. Pretty soon, it is 4 o’clock, and time to go home. We all hug each other goodbye, and get into our cars after a too-quick, fun day.

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MAHIMA Picnic  items  List . MAHIMA Picnic Day is Fun Filled Summer Potluck day where friends and families pick one or more items from the list below:
Items Needed
Sno Item/Task Assigned Status Comments
1 Grill, Bar-be-que utensils
2 Chicken thighs marinated 50 pcs
3 Chicken leg (drumstick) 50 pcs
4 Chicken burgers 25 + Bun
5  Fish burgers 25 + table cloth
6 Burger buns 50
7 Lettuce, Tomatto, Onion – cut and ready for burger
8 Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, barbeque sauce, hot sauce
9 Chicken hot dogs (50)
10 Hot dog buns (50)
11 Vegetable patties (25), burger buns (25)
12 Fruit Salad
13 Water Melon 4-5
14 Idli 100
15 Sambar
16 Chutney
17 Kappa
18 Fish Curry
19 Uppma
20 Kadala curry
21 12 Galon water
22 Soda (12 bottles)
23 Green Salad
26 Eggs 4 doz
27 Onion,Green Chilly, Ginger cut in to small pieces for Omelette
28 Plates, cups, napkins,
29 Forks and spoons
30 Kitchen Towels, Aluminium Trays
31 Milk, Tea, Sugar, Tea vessel
32 Ice 2 Big packs & Cooler
33 Mango 3 Cases
34 Rice Pilav
35 Chicken Curry
36 Vegitable Fried Rice
37 Chicken Fried Rice
38 Corn (40)
39 Ice Cream & Bowl
40 Charcol (2 Big packs)
41 Cooler + Kitchen glouse
42 Water bottles small 3 cases + napkins
43 Cut Fruits
44 Aluminium foil, chair – 10, Tarpaulin
45 Chair -5
46 Trash bags
47. Tarpaulin

All Families and kids are encouraged to bring their  sporting goods.

Pictures from previous years:


2018 Picnic Flier



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